Start making Kimchi at home


The story behind the book

An Italian chef marries his Korean flame. From her, he learns about traditional Asian medicine and healing foods. A new fusion cuisine is born: Healthy, natural, probiotic, homemade, often raw:

Kimchi 360° will reveal such original recipes as Kimchi Lasagna and yellow, green and purple mild Kimchi. A unique marriage of taste, gusto and passion for long life, love and the intermarriage of cultures.


for yourself or a loved one.

Kimchi 360° is a beautifully designed and crafted hardcover book in A5 format, handy enough to take with you to read anywhere and big enough to use as a guide when cooking in the kitchen. You can learn how to make our four different colours of probiotic Kimchi and over 15 recipes to use it further. For the first time, Chef Mauro reveals his famous Kimchi Lasagna recipe and gives you an insight into his food philosophy. Take care of your immune system today and introduce gut health boosting Kimchi into your diet!

Available as a hardcover or eBook in many languages (French, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Polish...)


The most neglected part of our body

Modern science and health care professionals are only just waking up to the importance of gut health. For decades we thought of our body as a machine that will work incessantly. When ailments crop up, we simply throw chemical pills at it. But at its worst, antibiotic pills not only eliminate "the bad guys", but also our good gut bacteria at the same time.

Luckily, people are increasingkly recognising the importance of these friendly bacteria living inside of us. Often, we don't need to look back more than 100 years to when our ancestors fermented and pickled vegetables and drinks. They did so, because fridges didn't exist and it was a way to preserve food. These fermented foods had a tasty, tangy taste but most importantly, delivered healthy gut bacteria to our digestive system. Kimchi is one of these foods from Korea and this book will show you how Kimchi can be used in many dishes ranging from soups, pasta bakes, vegan mayonaise to even cocktails.


Unique, tasty, healthy fusion food

"We believe in bringing cultures together" says author Chef Mauro standing next to his wife Dr Min of over 15 years. "Some things seem too different at first, but if you give it a try, the gettogether of cultures is delicious!" he continues with a cheeky smile. 

Dr Min is hoping for  reunification of her home country Korea that was split into two in the 1950s and seperated families, hearts and minds. "Rather than focusing on what seperates us, we need to look at what unites us and be curious about what we don't know about!". She now set up a charity to bring more cultures together through gardening, charity or cooking projects.

And Mauro follows the same philosophy in the kitchen: Spicy Korean Kimchi mixed with vegan bechamel sauce layered between homemade pasta sheets to make Kimchi Lasagna, one of his most famous recipes that is revealed in the book.

And then there is Kimchi itself. "Kimchi Viola" for example is similar to the original spicy Korean red Kimchi, but it uses crunchy red cabbage, carrots and aromatic Mediterranean rosemary to offer a mild alternative just as healthy for people who don't digest spice so well.