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Kimchi Dishes

Kimchi is fermented Korean cabbage, eaten for its gut-health promoting probiotics since centuries.

We offer four colours:

RED - Original Korean recipe made with fermented Chinese leaf, spicy chilli flakes and immunity-boosting garlic.

VIOLA - Crunchy red cabbage and carrots rich in vitamin A with aromatic Mediterranean rosemary.

YELLOW - White radish fermented with inflammation-fighting turmeric and ginger. Crunchy and mild.

GREEN - White cabbage with fragrant mint and spirulina (algae-derived superfood). Refreshing and mild.

Kimchi Side £5 for 100g or £9 for 200g
Small plate (100g) with all our four colours for you to savour. SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Inari £5
Sweet tofu pocket filled with rice. Topped with your choice of kimchi, seaweed or beans. SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Kimchi Tempeh £13.5

Tempeh is fermented soya so its rich in protein and probiotic! Served with Kimchi and rice. SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Kimchi Fasule £10.5
Black beans and two colours of kimchi of your choice on rice topped with spring onions, vegan parmesan and spicy fermented Korean sauce. SESAME, SOYA, ALMOND, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Kimchi Sausage £14.5
Our cannabis sausage served with two colours of Kimchi of your choice on a bed of rice topped with vegan parmesan and sesame seeds. SESAME, SOYA, ALMOND, GLUTEN.

Sushi Burger 13.5

Black bean & plantain patty, mayo, kimchi, spinach and chilli sauce. Wedged between two layers of rice on crispy seaweed. SESAME, SOYA, ALMOND

La Piramide £12.5
Rice, seaweed, Kimchi Viola on a bed of baby spinach topped with sesame seeds, soya sauce and vegan parmesan. SESAME, SOYA, ALMOND, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Kimchi Burger £13.9
Soy & Hemp vegan patty in a toasted bun with Korean chilli sauce, spinach, our own viola kimchi mayo. Coconut-based cheeze. SESAME, SOYA, ALMOND, GLUTEN .

Kimchi Bibimbap £12.5
Korea's favourite dish! A bed of rice on spinach topped with all four Kimchi colours, topped with sesame seeds, spring onions and spicy Korean sauce (Gochujang). SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Raw Bibimbap £16.5
A lighter version of the dish on the left with seaweed instead of rice. Great low-calorie option. SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Kimchi Udon £13.5
Thick Udon noodle soup in miso broth with Kimchi topped with sesame seeds and extra-virgin olive oil, Korean chilli sauce and spring onions. SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN.

Kimchi Pasta £16.5
Pasta gluten free with homemade bechamel sauce,homemade mozzarella, seaweed, red kimchi, topped with vegan parmesan. Served with a side of spinach and freesh kimchi. SESAME, SOYA, 

Mains & Sides without Kimchi

Wakame salad (미역) £5
Subtly sweet, strong flavoured and textured seaweed with extra virgin olive oil, soya and sesame. SESAME, SOYA, ALMOND, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Sweet sea salad £6
Sweetened mixed algae salad with wakame, kombu and hijiki dressed with extra virgin olive oil and sesame. SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN (Ask for GF).

Toppognochi £13.5
Korean rice sticks (떡볶이), potato gnocchi mixed in Italian tomato passata and fermented chilli sauce (고추장). SESAME, SOYA, GLUTEN

Happy Potato £13.5
Extra hungry? Steamed sweet potato on rice with raw seaweed, extra virgin olive oil and our vegan parmesan. SESAME, SOYA, ALMONDS, GLUTEN (Ask for GF)

Mushroom Gnocchi £116.5
Porcini and champignon mushrooms, potato gnocchi, seaweed, soya milk, extra virgin olive oil, sesame, vegan parmesan.

Ask for availability. Allergens vary. Nachos and mayo, Turmeric/hemp bread, Kimchi Spaghetti, Kimchi Bruschetta, Kimchi Sandwich/wrap, Olive & Lupin beans

Allergens: We use soya sauce extensively which contains some gluten. Any dish with this symbol CAN be made gluten-free by using tamari sauce, but please do ASK! SESAME and ALMONDS can be removed from dishes if requested but is present in our kitchen.


Dark Chocolate Mochi £3.5
Chocolate Mousse £5
Chocolate Potato £8.5


Beer £4-6.5

Nastro Azzuro / Solid Lager / Italy / 5.1% 

Birra Moretti / Intense Lager / Italy / 4.6% 

Asahi / Super Dry Lager / Japan / 5.2% 

Corona Extra / Light & Refreshing / Mexico /4.5% 

Peroni Libera / Alcohol-free / Italy / 0% 

Tenant's Super / Strong Lager / Scotland / 9% 

Ceres / Strong Ale / Denmark / 7.7%

Ichnusa / Traditional Lager / Sardinia / 4.7%

Ichnusa Non-Filtrata / Unfiltered & lively / Sardinia / 5% 

Italian Wine

£6.5/175ml | £9/250ml | £28/bottle

Red / Montepulciano D'Abruzzo / 12.5%

Red / Nero D'Avola Sicilia / 13%

Red / Chianti San Gimignano / 13%

White / Verdicchio del Castelli di Jesi / 12.5%

White / Trebbiano Rubicone / 11%

Hot & Iced Drinks

Espresso, Macchiato, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Moka, Tea, Infusions, Hot Chocolate, Green Power (Morgina), Teddy Pink Latte (Beetroot & Clove), Golden Milk (Turmeric), Savoury Miso Drink. See coffee board for prices ranging from £1.5-3


£3.5/glass, £9/75cl, £12/litre

Probiotic, sparkling drink consumed in East Asia since centuries to boost good gut bacteria. Brewed with tea or infusions it has a taste comparable to a tart cider.

Cocktails £8.8

Kimchi Negroni, Kimchi Magherita, Kimchi Mojito, Kimchi Gut Liver, Super Aperol Spritz

Soft Drinks £2.5

Still Water 500ml, Sparkling Water 500ml, Ginger Beer 330ml, Pepsi Max 33ml